03.13.2020Product Discontinuation Notice: IKL2020-001
08.01.2019Product Change Notice: PCN_ USA2019_001
01.18.2019Process Discontinuation Notice: PCN1069_IXYS_RF_EOL
12.12.2018Product Discontinuation Notice: MOSFET_IGBT Gate Drivers
10.17.2018Product Discontinuation Notice KXOB22 and SLMD Series(Gen 1)
07.11.2018Product Discontinuation Notice:DSI30-08AC
04.13.2018Product Change Notice: IXYS adds a second assembly/test subcontractor for IXTK140N30P
03.21.2018Product Discontinuation Notice: 500V and 600V Small Die Polar MOSFET
03.16.2018Product Discontinuation Notice: 1700V G-Series Co-Pack IGBT
03.14.2018Product Discontinuation Notice: Devices Assembled in TO-3 Hermetic Metal Can Packages
03.12.2018Product Discontinuation Notice: IC Inverter Interface and Digital Generator for 3 Phase PWM Controls
03.02.2018Product Discontinuation Notice: Polar MOSFET
02.28.2018Product Discontinuation Notice: 1100V MOSFET
02.28.2018Product Discontinuation Notice: 85V P-Channel Polar MOSFET
12.22.2017Process Change Notice SLMD481H Series
10.23.2017Product Change Notice: KXOB Series
10.20.2017Product Discontinuation Notice: VHM40-06P1
08.12.2017Product Discontinuation Notice: G-Series IGBT & G-Series IGBT with Diode.pdf
03.22.2017Product Discontinuation Notice: IXTY12N06T and IXTY12N06T TRL
03.22.2017Product Discontinuation Notice:Built size 72, 8X and 8XQ die
01.11.2017Product Discontinuation Notice: 5W SOLARADE
09.13.2016Product Discontinuation Notice:Single Thyristor Modules
09.02.2016Product Discontinuation Notice: MDD220-12N1-18N1 Dual Diode Modules
09.02.2016Product Discontinuation Notice: MDD250-12N1-16N1 Dual Diode Modules
03.17.2016Product Discontinuation Notice: Paradigm
03.15.2016Product Discontinuation Notice: 2016/004
02.09.2016Product Discontinuation Notice: 2016/001
04.28.2015Product Discontinuation Notice: HV1000-P & HV1000-N 850 Volt Pulse Generators
02.04.2015Product Change Notice:DSEI2x31-12P (PDN No.: 2015/002)
01.07.2015Product Change Notice:Laser Marking
12.12.2014Product Change Notice:N-Channel-MOSFET(USA2014-007)
10.20.2014Product Discontinuation Notice(N-Channel: Standard Power MOSFETs 2500V to 4500V)
06.10.2014Product Change Notice: Power MOSFET(USA2014/005)
04.15.2014Product Change Notice: Addition of a 2nd assembly subcontractor for the manufacture of SOT-227 packaged devices.
03.14.2014Product Change Notice- All IXYS KXOB SolarBITs
02.24.2014Product Discontinuation Notice: USA2014/001
12.16.2013Product Discontinuation Notice- IXFV and IXTV in PLUS TO220 Package
12.13.2013Product Discontinuation Notice- IXFC, IXGC, IXSC and IXTC in ISOPLUS220 Package
08.30.2013Product Change Notice-MCO801 MCO741-22i01 MDO1201-14N1
08.29.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-600V GEN 4G IGBT family
08.28.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-HIPERFET POWER MOSFET
08.28.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-Power MOSFET
08.27.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-KXOB22-12X1 KXOB22-04X3 KXOB22-01X8
08.23.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-IXFH14N100
06.10.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-DSEC60-02A
06.10.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-DSEC60-02A
05.08.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-600V Legacy IGBTs
04.23.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-S-Class IGBTs
03.06.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-Very High Voltage MOSFETs
02.27.2013Product Discontinuation Notice- Standard MOSFET
02.22.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-TO-220PS TO-220PS HV
01.08.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-DSEi2x61-10P
01.08.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-DSEi2x31-10P
01.07.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-VCC2x105
01.07.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-VCK105
01.07.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-VCD105
01.07.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-VCC105
01.07.2013Product Discontinuation Notice-VCA105
12.03.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-TO220ps & TO220 HV Surface Mount Package
11.20.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-GWM160 ISOPLUS-Dil Modules
11.20.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-GWM100 ISOPLUS-Dil Modules
11.20.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-GWM120 ISOPLUS-Dil Modules
11.20.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-VMO1600 Modules
11.19.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-VWM270 Modules
11.15.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-High Current MOSFET
11.15.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-IGBT
11.14.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-HiPerFET MOSFET
10.30.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-Trench MOSFET: Less than 100 Volts
09.27.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-Trench MOSFET: 170V and 280V
09.26.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-Trench IGBT's
05.20.2012Product Discontinuation Notice-SolarMD
11.14.2011Product Discontinuation Notice - Q2 HiPerFET
11.14.2011Product Discontinuation Notice - F-Class HiPerFET
11.14.2011Product Discontinuation Notice - F-Class HiPerFET
11.14.2011Product Discontinuation Notice - Q2 HiPerFET
11.14.2011Product Discontinuation Notice - leaded TO-268
11.14.2011Product Discontinuation Notice - F-Class HiPerFET
01.25.2011Product Discontinuation Notice-VUI72-16NO1
09.30.2010Product Discontinuation Notice- MKI100-12E8, MWI100-12E8, MWI225-12E9, MWI300-12E9MWI450-12E9
06.15.2010Product Discontinuation Notice- IC Drivers-IXD, IXB, IX6R
04.20.2010Product Discontinuation Notice: IC Driver
09.29.2009Change of packing unit from 24 to 25 pcs for i4-Pac
08.22.2008Product Discontinuation Notice-IXUC,FDM
07.30.2007Product Discontinuation Notice-Old generation die discontinuation
05.30.2007Product Discontinuation Notice-Old generation die discontinuation
03.14.2007Product Discontinuation Notice-IXUC, IXUN, GWM
05.01.2006GNB6078726 - DWN9-16/18 MFS: Mask change
04.01.2006New Molding Tool for E2 Housing.
03.01.2006Y4 Module Package: Unit Size of packing unit will change.
02.01.2006Replacement of certain 3-phase 600V rated, input diode bridges with 800V rated parts
02.01.2006V2 Module Package: Unit Size of packing unit will change.
01.01.2006ISOPLUS-DIL Package: Completely filled with mold material, Pin length Change.
05.05.2005Discontinue IXFH12N90Q and replace by IXFH14N100Q2
04.20.2005Discontinue: IXG_15N120C and IXG_35N120C
04.01.2005V2 Module Package Type: Pin Change
03.01.2005Power Module Terminal Screws in Compliance with RoHS Directive.
02.01.2005Y4 Module Package: Size of packing unit will change.
01.01.2005V1 Module Package: Conversion of the pin in Compliance with RoHS Directive.
09.01.2004VVZB120-io1 replaced by VVZB120-io2.
07.28.2004End of life of non-switchable AC and DC current regulators
03.19.2004VUB120/VUB160: New IGBT and Diode in dynamic brake section
02.05.2004IXDP630P1: Change of fabrication location, new device design
01.01.2004VUB120/VUB160: New IGBT and Diode in dynamic brake section.
01.01.2004DSSK20-13A replaced by DSSK20-015A.
01.01.2004DSSK60-13A replaced by DSSK60-015A
12.03.2003Change VUB71 to VUB72
10.16.2003MOSFET and IGBT die and 150 mm wafer products
09.16.2003MUBW4-12A6: Phase out
09.16.2003MUBW10-12A6: Phase out
09.16.2003MUBW15-12A6: Change of Brake IGBT
09.01.2003Phase Out of MUBW4-12AL and MUBW10-12AL.
08.29.2003CoolMOS die type C2 replaced by C3
07.01.2003VUB72 modules replaces VUB71 modules.
05.15.2003IXBD4410SI: Half-bridge Gate Driver Chipset
03.17.2003Package TO-240: Introduction of new paste soldering process in assembly
03.01.2003Package TO-240 - Introduction of new lead-free paste soldering process in module assembly.
03.01.2003Conversion of wafer diameter form 5 inch to 6 inch for all Silicon Schottky diode products.
03.01.2003New paste soldering process for TO-240 module assembly.
02.01.2003Introduction of new lead-free paste soldering process in module assembly.
09.01.2002Power Schottky Rectifier.